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Measuring heat in the city

Three research techniques for a thorough way of measuring heat in the city

To map the Urban Heat Island effect in Utrecht, Amersfoort, Nieuwegein and Veenendaal the “Hitte in de Stad” (Heat in the City) project answered three important questions using three different techniques.​​​​​​​



Area of focus: each session is centred around one specific space or area of focus. The aim of the session is to see how this area can be (re)arranged to fit a diverse set of economic obligations, quality of life and environmental requirements.



Multi-Disciplinary approach: developers, municipality officials, experts and residents are invited to join the workshop to ensure that proposed solutions take all various needs into account.



Room for further investigation: when a climate workshop raises specific research questions, subsequent workshops can be planned to look at these at a more in-depth level.

Show and tell

The psychology of open water

Many climate projects in the Utrecht region deal with improving water drainage. 

In projects such as the “Leidsche Rijn” water system and the “Waterlinie” project, keeping water visible is an important aspect. 

When water disappears into the ground, the climate problem is not visible. By increasing the amount of open water, the fluctuations become visible.

Kockengen Waterproof

Read more about the Kockengen Waterproof project.

scientific challenges

— Inspiration

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