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Case: Wonderwoods

Live, work and play in a vertical forest​​​​​​​

The Utrecht city skyline is set to feature two striking new icons: the Wonderwoods. Architect Stefano Boeri Architetti, Arcadis and the Utrecht University Botanical gardens will work together to create the illusion of a vertical forest. The goal is to bring nature to the city and thereby improve quality of life for all. 

On the one hand the design is robust and matches the style of the surrounding office buildings, on the other hand various details ensure it is a pleasant place for pedestrians to wander through. These two towers will provide housing, office space and leisure facilities. (Image Wonderwoods)

The green roof of the OBS school

An interesting and unique example of a green roof is the roof of the Oog in Al school in Utrecht. It is not only a building with a green roof, it is also an example of combining multiple functions using limited space.

The realization of a new foot- and cyclists bridge (Dafne Schippersbridge) over the Amsterdam-Rhine Canal made it necessary to break down and rebuild two school buildings without decreasing the green park area in the near surroundings. This task was succeeded by combining the landing of the bridge with the school building and the park area. The integrated design of the bridge, school building and park area resulted in an unique example of combining functions and the realization of an green park area on the roof of a school building. The bridge opened in 2017 and is daily used by 7.000 cyclists.

Climate Workshops

For the 'Better Neighbourhoods' project the municipality of Nieuwegein used climate workshops to ensure climate change became top of mind. Climate Workshops offer three steps to an integrated solution. Climate workshops are a useful tool to formulate integrative solutions for the public-private development of climate-friendly spaces.




Area of focus: each session is centred around one specific space or area of focus. The aim of the session is to see how this area can be (re)arranged to fit a diverse set of economic obligations, quality of life and environmental requirements.



Multi-Disciplinary approach: developers, municipality officials, experts and residents are invited to join the workshop to ensure that proposed solutions take all various needs into account.



Room for further investigation: when a climate workshop raises specific research questions, subsequent workshops can be planned to look at these at a more in-depth level.


An opportunity to increase quality of life

On a global scale, the Netherlands is well underway with her climate adaptive efforts. Strong partnerships between different governance levels mean we are already busy preparing for the effects of climate change. 

The alliance doesn’t stop there. Working with developers and residents when (re)designing neighbourhoods above- and below the ground means and integral approach is ensured. This is a new way of working that sometimes requires some learning, but we have to do it. 

Climate change affects us all, and it is a challenge we can only face if we join forces.

Erika Spil, Municipality of Bunnik

Case: OBS Oog in Al

the green eye

Cycling and pedestrian paths circle an elementary school rooftop garden to create a harmonious and green space for all who pass through.

business cases

— Inspiration

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