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A short animated video visualizes the strengthening and maintenance process of the Lek dike.

Climate Hazard Maps

The flood map for the Utrecht region proves an excellent way of addressing the urgency of strengthening and maintaining the Lek Dike. By making the effects visual, the vague long-term effects of climate change become explicit and immediate. Hazard maps are used throughout the region to aid decision making:



Quick scan Utrecht region: as part of the National Delta Programme a quick scan using existing data in the Utrecht region is used as a preliminary tool to identify high-risk areas that determine governmental urgency.



Bunnik flood map: results show that village of ​​​​​​​Bunnik has no high-risk areas for flooding. This reassurance gives room to focus on other effects of climate change. 

​​​​​​​Fresh Water Supply route Western region of the Netherlands: In times of drought, the waterboard provides fresh water supply to other regions. The effects of climate change creates more urgency for this supply. The fresh water supply routes needs to be increased in the coming decades.​​​​​​​


An opportunity to increase quality of life

“Climate adaptation is a long-term challenge that the public sector, commercial parties and residents need to face together. It offers the opportunity of taking steps towards a better quality of life, but we’re not there yet! 

In the region of Utrecht, we have taken the first steps towards tackling this together. By sharing knowledge on a regional, national and international level we hope that the challenges posed by climate change are not seen as a burden but as an opening.”

Constantijn Jansen op de Haar, Daily board member Regional Water Authority Utrecht.

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The municipality of Woerden has outlined a 2023 land-use plan that contains  their vision for a 'green blue landscape' (a network of land and water). The plan frames how the municipality will cope with issues relating to climate change, such as flooding, heat and drought.

public concern

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