social propositions

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Case: Climate safari

What happens when residents are viewed as consultants? “Climate walks” with residents in Houten proved an excellent way to deepen the understanding of the climate problems in the area. 

The architecture centre Makeblijde collected information gathered through walking with residents in different neighbourhoods and have presented this as a cohesive document for the municipality to work with.


Green rooftops

Q: How can a single resident bring about a change, and get a green rooftop?

When a resident from the “Wittenvrouwen” neighbourhood applied for subsidies for creating a green rooftop, the current city legislation has proved restrictive. Subsidies were only available for roofs with a minimum surface area of 25m2.

A: Joining forces with neighbours, the resident was able to put in a proposal for an area larger than 25m2. The diverse group of owners and suppliers made the proposal process more complex, but perseverance paid off. 

What this case shows is that current legislation is not always conducive to bottom-up climate adaptation. 

However, with some creativity and a sense of community, change can be pushed through, nonetheless.​​​​​​​

social propositions

— Inspiration

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